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Specialty Services

Specialty Services

Assist your parents in enjoying their independence from cleaning. We offer specialty services that can handle cleaning those difficult to reach areas of your parents’ house, saving their stress. As an extra benefit, seniors of 65 and above can save 10% discount on cleaning services with Ceylon Cleaning Services Canada. Simply notify us, and we will reduce the cost of our services. 

Fall Cleaning

Fall is the ideal time to clean every part of the house and commercial premises to prepare for the chilly weather outside. Getting your home ready for the fall season has a significant advantage over getting ready for the impending holidays. Besides, cleaning thoroughly can help to tidy up your commercial properties before your holiday season arrives. You’ll appreciate having clean and well-prepared houses and commercial properties for the fall season to celebrate the impending winter festivals with your loved ones and provide a pleasant welcome for your clients! 

Holiday Cleaning

Are you planning on throwing a Christmas party or spending the day with your entire family? Well, if you are, you should clean up before your guests come. Whoa! There is so much to do for Christmas cleaning. The kitchen is usually the center of the action at Christmas, and you should pamper up your oven to ensure its ready for the juice turkey to roast! And you must clean fridges for all your Christmas food. If you don’t have enough time to clean your home or if you need any extra help to organize your home properly you can call Ceylon Cleaning Services to get a very good service. 

Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung! Spending a long time indoors in winter season, it’s time to open windows and allow some fresh air to let into your house as well as conduct some deep cleaning. Not only in residentials but also in commercial premises need to be freshened up to welcome the beautiful summer season. It’s hard to dust or wipe stuff down without any assistance. Call us, we are happy to give our best assistance with getting ready for your summer season. 

Sanitizing commercial properties in Flu and Cold season Cleaning

In the cold and flu season, it is crucial to keep a tidy working environment. Most importantly thing to do is to sanitize surfaces on a regular basis, especially those that are often handled by people. To avoid the transmission of germs, every office equipment, kitchen, cafeteria, washroom, rest room, and meeting rooms must be clean. If you do not clean them up on a regular basis, this may become more difficult. Therefore, contact us and we will send our skilled crew to maintain your commercial premises virus-free. 

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